This summer returns at hearing the magic combination of live music and sea of fund with our musical program at the Hostal Empúries. You will be able to enjoy of the performances at our terrace or at our beach bar Gambo the Wednesdays, Friday and Saturdays from the 23th June until the 12th September. Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul, Blues, Pop… and much more!

The musical bands or soloists that will join us this summer are: Mala Vida, Merkado Negro, Buena Onda, Cristina Comaposada, Downlight, Jodie Cash, Canela’n Drama, Caravan Blues, Els Delai, Moshka, Pau Morales, Tri-Jazz, Gavin, Pol Cardona and Esmeralda Colette. We expect you!

You can consult the programming here (click to see the schedule):

Update: On 08/29 Banana Beach will perform instead of Pau Morales.