Exclusive Sensorial Voyages

Mediterranean beauty

Body gentle exfoliation and black clay envelope accompanied by a facial treatment and aromatic massage.
100 min. / 235 €

Greek-Roman cult

Deep body massage and relaxing head massage.

70 min. / 160 €

Essence of Empúries

Relaxing massage with essential oils.

50 min. / 115 €

The salt of life

Massage and revitalizing treatment with Himalayan salt stones.

50 min. / 125 €


Cranial massage and feet massage.

40 min. / 92 €

Body care

At Hostal Spa Empúries we have chosen organic cosmetics of high and excellent quality.

Radiant exfoliation

Exfoliation of Himalya salt and body hydration.

30 min. / 80 €

Exfoliation express (Hammam)

Exfoliation inspired by the ” Savonnage ”, worked in a humid cabin 35º and contrast with cold water.

20 min. / 72 €

Secrets of the sea

Gentle exfoliation, purifying body mask and massage with localised wood therapy.

70 min. / 179 €

Secrets of the Earth

Gentle exfoliation, toning body mask and massage with localised wood therapy.

70 min. / 179 €

Face care

At Hostal Spa Empúries we have chosen ethical and high-quality cosmetics, Dulkamara Bamboo, Aroms Natur and Scens. We offer a custom treatment for every type of skin.

Sap Facial Lifting

Personalized Mini facial treatment.

30 min. / 72 €

Skin Balance Probiotic

Treatment for radiance, elasticity and volume for your skin.

40 min. / 102 €

Cleansing Facial

Ecological and vegan facial hygiene. Substituting the traditional steam by the Suction Detox Skin Tool.
70 min. / 179 €

Vitamin C

Treatment for radiance, elasticity and volume for your skin.

50 min. / 128 €

Dulkamara Jewel

Personalized treatment:

    • Biokalm: Sensitive and irritated skin.
    • Biodetox: Cell detoxification.
    • Biolifting: Reduces wrinkles.
70 min. / 179 €

Elixir Repair Treatment

Facial treatment + facial massage with ultra rich masque

60 min. / 155 €

Manual therapies

Therapeutic massage

Personalized massage.

50 min. / 115 €

Localized massage

Personalized massage.

30 min. / 69 €

Ritual of wood

Body wood therapy to shape the silhouette, minimize fluid retention or treat localized fat.

50 min. / 125 €


Therapeutic technique to improve and balance the body by stimulating specific points of the ears. Recommended in times of stress and headaches.

(Agreed times)

30 min. / 69 €

Nuat Thai 

Stretch, pressures and energy balance.

(Agreed times)

60 min. / 150 €

Zen massage

Cervical, cranial and facial massage.

40 min. / 92 €

Foot Reflexology

Treatment with reflex points of the feet.

40 min. / 98 €


Slight pressure on traditional Japanese meridians.

(Agreed times)

60 min. / 150 €

* Suitable for pregnant women

Price of treatment includes entrance of 60 minutes to the water circuits to be enjoyed before a beauty treatment and/or after a therapy. No access for children under 16, except for private treatment. We ask you to please arrive 10 minutes before the reservation time. The Spa has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellation of a reservation more than 24 hours beforehand does not imply any cost to the client. Cancellations of less than 24 hours and failure to cancel a confirmed reservation implies a 100% charge for the service reserved.