Yoga renews and balances us, it increases our physical and mental well-being, which is necessary for both our personal growth and a healthier and more placid way of life.

We offer you an experienced teacher, especially in Hatha Yoga lessons. She teaches the basic principles of this philosophy, such as exercise (asanas), breathing (pranayama), relaxation (savasana) and meditation (dhyana).

Yoga lessons schedule:

  • Sundays from 9am to 10.30pm

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga to deepen and find fluidity at a sweet rhythm that allows us to bring awareness deep inside. A way to achieve more freedom for mind and body.

Yoga workshops

Yoga, supyoga and meditation workshops.

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SUP yoga

Yoga on a paddle board becomes a challenge for concentration and balance and leads us to connect in a more obvious and profound way with the environment. A fun proposal to practice yoga at sea.

At agreed hours

Private therapeutic yoga

One hour of private practice to focus on those aspects or objectives, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual of the moment. designed especially for you, here and now.

At agreed hours


One lesson. 15 €
Five-lessons pack. 60 €
Ten-lessons pack. 110 €
Fifteen-lessons pack. 150 €
Twenty-lessons pack. 180 €
One month unlimited. 140 €
From May to October, unlimited. 600 €
Private lessons. 60 € + 20 € per extra person
SUP yoga. 1 pax 80 € // 2 pax 45€/pax // 3 pax 35€/pax // 4 pax 30€/pax// 5 + pax 25€/pax

*Packs are valid from May to October
*For private lessons, five or more people will be considered as group. Group prices can be found here.

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