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These Terms and Conditions of Use establish the general conditions that regulate the access to our current website, the browsing of it, as well as the use of its contents.

The information on this website refers to the services offered by HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L. This information is stated only in an expository manner and in no way constitutes a binding offer that obliges you (the user) to contract our services. HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L reserves its right to modify the information hereby contained when it is considered opportune and without notice. It is not liable for any problem concerning the accuracy, deficiency or authenticity of the information on its website.

Likewise, we reserve our right to modify the contents of this document. This means that you must read it carefully every time you use our website, because both it and the conditions of use contained in this document can be modified.

Our website provides service just for the time you are connected to it or to any of the services provided by such website.



Every time you access, browse or use our website, you become a user. By using our website, you fully accept the conditions of use contained in this legal notice.

You commit yourself to using our website along with its services and contents, lawfully, and in accordance with the current laws, the generally accepted uses, the good faith and the public order.

You commit yourself to not carrying out actions that could harm our website, render it useless, overload or damage it, or prevent other users from freely accessing, using or enjoying our website.



HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L owns all the intellectual and industrial property rights of this website and all its contents (in an expository manner: texts, photos and other audiovisual contents, programs, graphic design, etc.)  or holds the licence or authorisation to use them. Your use of our website doesn’t imply, under no circumstances, any renunciation, transmission, licence nor full or partial transfer of such rights.

Any full or partial copy, alteration, reuse, use, public communication, file loading, mailing, transmission, handling or distribution of the contents included on our website for public or commercial purposes is forbidden, unless you have an express written authorisation from HOSTAL EMPÚRIES S.L.

This logo   is a trademark owned UNIÓ D’EMPRESARIS D’HOSTALERIA I TURISME COSTA BRAVA CENTRE.  It is forbidden to copy or use such logo without its owner’s written authorisation.




HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L rejects any liability concerning any information on the World Wide Web not produced by HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L or not published in its name. Our website can contain hyperlinks to other World Wide Web pages that have nothing to do with our website. HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L is not responsible for any problem concerning the accuracy, deficiency or authenticity of the information provided through these hyperlinks by any individual or entity, with or without legal entity.



In case any other website, user or entity wishes to establish a link to http://hostalempuries.com/, this link must be subject to the conditions below:

  1. The link shall take you to the home page or to any of its sections. In any case, the link must be complete and must take you, with one click, to the URL of the home page or to that of any of its sections. The link must cover all screen extension of our website http://hostalempuries.com/
  2. Under no circumstances, unless there is an express written authorisation from HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L, the website that establishes such link can copy http://hostalempuries.com/, by including it as an integral part of its website and by using frames, redirections or any other action that could hide the original source of information.
  3. Any website with illegal, degrading or obscene contents that are against morals or public order, is not allowed to establish links to http://hostalempuries.com/.

The access to our website includes technical link devices, directories and even search tools that allow you to access other websites (from now on, “linked sites”). In these cases, HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L acts as an intermediation service provider in conformity with the Law on information and e-commerce service and is responsible only for the contents and services provided on the linked sites provided that it has knowledge of the illegality and it has not deactivated the link with the due care and diligence.  In case you consider that there is a linked site with illegal or inappropriate contents you can inform HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L by contacting it at info@hostalempuries.com. However, it does not mean any obligation to remove such link.

HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L has no knowledge of the contents or services of the linked sites, so it is not liable for any damage caused by the illegality, bad quality, outdatedness, unavailability and inadequacy of the contents and/or services of the linked sites nor for any other damage that is not directly attributable to HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L.



As a user, you are the only liable for the use of this website.

In no event, HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L is not liable for damages of any sort whatsoever resulting from:

  1. Any problem regarding the availability, the maintenance and the working of our website or its services or contents, since it depends on supplies and services from third parties.
  2. Mistakes and omissions of the information published, as well as the uselessness, inadequacy or invalidity of our website or its services or contents to meet your specific needs, activities, results, or expectations.

The access to our website doesn’t imply that HOSTAL EMPÚRIES, S.L. is liable for guaranteeing the absence of virus or the impossibility to cause damages to your computer system. In any case, it is your responsibility to have the appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs. HOSTAL EMPURIES S.L is not liable for any damages to your computer resulting from your use of our website or its use by third parties.



The current legal notice is governed by both the Spanish law and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.



The current use of our website was last updated in June 2018