Exclusive Sensorial Voyages

Mediterranean beauty

Body gentle exfoliation and black clay envelope accompanied by a facial HE treatment and aromatic massage

100 min. / 189 €

Greek-Roman cult

Deep body massage and relaxing head massage.

70 min. / 119 €

Essence of Empúries

Relaxing massage with essential oils.

50 min. / 79 €


Cranial massage and feet massage.

40 min. / 62 €

The salts of life

Balancing and revitalising treatment with Himalayan salt stones.

50 min. / 115 €

Hipnos rest

Treatment that helps to improve the quality of sleep and rest, recommended from mid-afternoon and on.

50 min. / 112 €

Body care

At Hostal Spa Empúries we have chosen organic cosmetics of high and excellent quality.

Radiant exfoliation

Exfoliation of Himalya salt and body hydration.

30 min. / 63 €

Secrets of the sea

Gentle body exfoliation, purifying body wrap and moisturizer with anti-cellulite oil.

50 min. / 103 €

Secrets of the Earth

Gentle body exfo, invigorating body wrap and hydration with revitalizing oil.

50 min. / 103 €

Face care

At Hostal Spa Empúries we have chosen ethical and high-quality cosmetics, Dulkamara Bamboo and Scens. We offer a custom treatment for every type of skin.

Scens Express

Personalized Mini facial treatment.

30 min. / 59 €

Luxury Scens

Full facial treatment with tonifying facial massage.

60 min. / 97 €

Cleansing Facial

Ecological and vegan facial hygiene. Substituting the traditional steam by the Suction Detox Skin Tool.

70 min. / 93 €

Manual therapies

Therapeutic massage

We approach your needs with a personalized muscle massage. Freeing the body of all tension and bringing a state of both physical and mental relaxation.

60 min. / 89 €

Localized massage

A personalized massage in a particular area: cervical, lumbar, dorsal, legs, etc.

 30 min. / 49 €

Leg circulation

Enjoy a deep feeling of relaxation, freshness and lightness and rest in your legs through an effective circulatory massage.

30min. / 55 €

Auriculotherapy (by appointment)

A therapeutic technique to balance and treat the body, stimulating specific points on the ear. Recommended during periods of stress, for headaches, painful injuries…

30 min. / 55 €

Nuat Thai (by appointment)

A traditional Thai massage which helps to relax joints and muscles and make them more flexible. It is a dynamic treatment which uses pressure, stretching where joint movement re-establishes energetic flow throughout our body, balancing vital energy. It is given on a futon with comfortable clothing.

65 min. / 115 € (at agreed hours)

Lifting from the Gods

Millennial technique intended as rejuvenating therapy, for skins which lack luminosity, with fatigue and facial lines. It awakens the muscles, activates collagen and the circulation, giving a feeling of freshness and vitality.

20 min. / 47€


An ancient massage technique using the foot’s pressure points. It activates the energy within your organs and also the body’s energy currents. It stimulates the self healing mechanism, encouraging natural balance, bringing vitality and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

40 min. / 65 €

Zen massage

Highly recommended during a period of stress. Through digitopression, at different points of cervical, cranial and facial tension.

40 min. / 57 €

Shiatsu (by appointment)

Traditional Japanese technique based on the flow of energy, through the use of pressure and stretching of the different energy meridians we can help the conscious mind and musculature to relax. Givin on a futon, wear comfortable clothes.

65 min. / 115 € (at agreed hours)

Ritual in wood

Eases water retention, anti cellulite, relaxes contracted muscles, moulds your shape… it has many applications, always, however, in the most relaxing way possible, painlessly, adapting to your body and your needs…

50 min. / 109 €

Extra services

At Hostal Spa Empúries we only use organic products that are harmless to your nails.

File and paint fingernails

We put our fingernails to the point (French supplement 5€)

36 €

File and paint toenails

We put the toenails to the point (French supplement 5€)

27 €

File and paint fingernails and toenails

We get your both fingernails and toenails in shape (French supplement 7€)

67 €


SpaRitual contains totally organic and vegan ingredients from all over the world.
Its aromas Fresh and bright colors will make you look perfect manicure any time of the year (French supplement 5€).

58 €


SpaRitual contains totally organic and vegan ingredients from all over the world.
Its aromas Fresh and bright colors will make you look perfect pedicure at any time of the year (French supplement 5€).

65 €

Manicure and pedicure

SpaRitual contains totally organic and vegan ingredients from all over the world. Its fresh aromas and bright colors will make you look perfect manicure and pedicure at any time of the year (French supplement 5€)

114 €

  *Suitable for pregnant women.

Price of treatment includes entrance of 60 minutes to thewater circuits to be enjoyed before a beauty treatment and/or after a therapy. No access for children under 16, except for private treatments. Beauty treatments do not include entrance to the spa. 

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